Fasttypers Software Admin Panel INR  750/- OR $15

Fasttypers Top Speed software is a tool to increase the speed of captcha Fasttypers.
download it and ,you can use many different Fasttypers accounts to work at the same
time. And then, you can get more captcha then other people at the same time . You can
create unlimited ids in it and. we are also selling Fasttypers Direct Client's Email address
from where you can buy many admin panels directly..You can use any account you have,
you can add unlimited ids it. and the amount of accounts you use at the same time is not 
limited. with this new Fasttypers software , your works will be fast speed all day!!!!

Website : [24/7 Work]

Payment Every Week On Friday
Payment Option : Perfectmoney, Paypal, Payza, Baksh

Latest Payment Rates 01st July'2013

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Fasttyper Typer soft by MicroZip

Unlimited IDs authorised bloggers provided.....

Our 'Typer' Software provides you get HyperIncome

you can also sell software IDs to any one 
(without sharing your blooger ID & PWD)

Screen Shoot

Demo Video:

Typer Features:
  • Separate Blogger for each Admin
  • Separate Software for each Admin
  • Your blogger supports on your Software only
  • you can Add, Edit & Delete any ID in your blogger
  • ID selection option
  • Single/Double mode Image selection option
  • Upcoming Captcha Image display
  • Thread selection
  • Free Hand, Sound & Auto submit options
  • Direct payout option in software
  • Direct access to server and many more.....